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The general properties of a normal boot menu entry.
This screen shot shows the general properties tab for a normal boot menu entry. A normal boot menu entry is a entry to boot operating systems from disk partitions. Here you can specify the name of the entry which will appear in the boot menu, you can protect the entry with a password and you can choose a optional shortcut key for the entry (e.g. 'W' for Windows - whatever you want).
You can also tell System Selector that it should set the so-called Active-id in the partition table to the partition this entry points to when it will be selected from boot menu and booted. Some operating systems like DOS, Windows and several UNIX derivatives are requiring this. But normally you don't need to change this setting since System Selector will set this option automatically for you. Last but not least you can select this entry to be the default entry. This is the entry which will be booted if the adjustable timeout elapsed and nobody selected an entry from the boot menu.

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