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mon_sock-osbs1-80x77.gif (5063 Byte) Using more then one Operating System on one PC.
Frequently Asked Questions, Infos & Links.
Unofficial home page of System Selector.
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HINT: This site doesn't deal with software to kick other people from IRC or other chat channels whatsoever and we don't know anything about such tools (yet). Sorry.

Many PC users want to use more than one operating system on one PC. For example to test a new version of Windows like the successor of Windows NT,  Windows 2000, another operating system like Linux, FreeBSD or Be's new free multimedia operating system BeOS for PCs. Or just to protect important work from playing with new software from the internet or from computer games using multiple copies of Windows kept strictly apart. This site provides a lot of useful information about this subject.

This is also the Unoffical Home Page of the boot manager software Data Becker BootManager also known as System Selector (in the US) and as Démarreur (in France). This is the new version of the boot manager which was formerly known under the name OS Boot Select (OS-BS).


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